Balance of OppositesChuck Israels Bass

Passion and humor, excitement and romantic tenderness, energy and relaxation, forward moving propulsion and thoughtful contemplation, dramatic variations in dynamics, organized ensembles and spontaneous solo passages….these are the elements we seek to provide in balanced proportion and organized form in order to communicate effectively in the language of jazz.


Creating Coherent Beauty

This band has been formed in order to maintain and build on the tradition of the best American music - a tradition exemplified by the masterpieces of Armstrong, Ellington, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, The Modern Jazz Quartet, Gil Evans and Bill Evans, among others.

Bill Evans has made the most profound impression on my musical life. The principles that make Bill’s music function as it does are expanded and amplified into a repertoire for this orchestra.


Second Wind- Chuck Israels

 Chuck Israels' new recording "Second Wind: A Tribute To The Music of Bill Evans" is now available on

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CD Review in Downbeat Magazine

Second Wind review in Downbeat Magazine

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